Lil Glenn opened Lil Glenn Company Real Estate in 1992 in downtown Greenville, SC in the historic Old Chamber building on Main Street. Buildings were vacant, windows were boarded, and pigeons and stray cats were the majority population. WOW!!! You need to see Greenville now. 


Exciting Westin Poinsett Hotel, Peace Center for the Performing Arts, and lively restaurants such as Sobys and Trattoria de Giorgio.

Residential condos, mixed use buildings, and ample parking cover the blocks on the tree-lined streets. A suspended pedestrian bridge swings over the Reedy River Falls and green park. Governor's School for the Arts finds its home overlooking the park.

Greenville rocks as a city... community involvement, performing and visual arts, and energy which could light a ball field. Prepare yourself when you visit Greenville; you will not want to leave. Our city and surrounding neighborhoods are consistently ranked as "best places to live" and flocks of people engage local realtors to find their forever home in this gem of the south.

Our Team


Lil Glenn

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Real estate warrior, visionary, honest. Grandmother to Ava, Ford, JD, Pearson, Hill.


Rex Carter

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Observant, proactive, trustworthy. Father of two sons, native of Greenville, married to Ginger, committed real estate professional.